Lately (well actually for a long time!) I’ve been fascinated with improving body movement and function through alignment. About a year ago I came across Katy Bowman. She created an eponymous blog called “Katy Says” and posted about various movement and alignment topics for over seven years. Katy is a writing machine with nine books published and more on the way.

In my “now reading” pile are these two gems; the first tome may be considered a bit radical by some who may not have considered how our lifestyle of ease impacts more than just our personal heath. The second is a collection of Katy’s blogs over the first five years and sections them into specific topics, such as “Feet and Shoes” and “Your Body – the Big Picture” to name just two.

I strongly recommend checking out these titles and her website for many more posts, videos, and books. Click here to get to the main page for Nutritious Movement.